Pro-Painted 15mm Saxon Army-BASED to YOUR SPECIFICATIONS!


15mm Pro-Painted Saxon Army – BASED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS!

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The Battle of Hastings was fought on 14 October 1066. The Norman-French Army of William Duke of Normandy fought the English Army of Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson near the southern English town of Hastings. The victory of Duke William began the Norman Conquest of England.

To commemorate this event we offer a complete pro-painted 15mm Saxon Army. PLEASE NOTE - The Army is pictured here on holding bases only. We will base your Saxon Army to whatever base, type, size and terrain specifications you want. Tell us this by email to

The pro-painted Saxon Army has 230 pieces:

2 Mounted - General & Standard.

228 Infantry: 12 Slingers, 150 Spearmen, 8 Javelins, 34 Axemen and 24 Officers and Standards.

All miniatures are supplied pro-painted and will be based as you choose. Bases shown in the images are for holding only and will be replaced with your own choices