USEME Rules System

In this section of the website you will find all of the publications and boxed sets in the USE ME game system range. 

USE ME stands for:   Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements.  More than 6000 Copies sold!

There are now more than dozen titles in the USE ME Series with more to come.  Written by authors including Gavin Syme (GBS), Omer Golan Joel, Kurt Benson, Bob McAlister and  Alex Scott.  If you click on your chosen title you can learn all about it, what period it covers, its contents, a short article on it and pictures of pages too.

Do you Want a Set of Wargame Rules that are Fun, Simple and Elegant? That are used all over the World and take only minutes to learn?  Look no further!


Would you prefer your USEME book as a purpose made paid for PDF?  If so please checkout our downloads page on our blog.